The ´mother Moondance circle´ was birthed 25 years ago, in 1992 in Mexico, with a group of dancers who followed their dreams, visions and studies of the Codice Borgia (the anthropological foundation from which he Moondance Circle Xochimeztli originates).

The Moondance Circle is a legacy of the Ancestral tradition that transmits the inheritance of the ancient grandmothers of all the directions of the Earth; like grandmother Isabel Vega, may she rest in peace, and our beloved grandmother Tonalmitl, both founders of the Moondance Circle Xochimeztli.

They carried out their work for many years, leaving behind a legacy which is now lifting us and passing on the task of fusing experience, message, studies, dreams and vision. This lineage and its philosophy has much experience which is to be lived and celebrated, and most of all used authentically; as a deep source of empowerment. This mother circle, the Moondance Xochimeztli, has given birth to many more circles in different parts of the world including Argentina, Costa Rica and soon Dominican Republic, Austria and many more.

A ritual of four nights and four days where Woman dance in a ceremonial circle during the night; praying for the Wellbeing of Humanity, reactivating the Feminine Essence within them and cleansing their bodies as well as womb of generations of female suppression and neglect.

The woman partaking the ritual fast for four days, drinking only water and teas and attend 8 Sweatlodges at Sunset and sunrise.

Songs are sung, deep collective praying and dancing carry the woman through the ritual into a new, revitalised empowerment.


In 2017  Grandmother Tonalmitl, Xiuhcoatl and Ameyatzin visited Austria. They were invited by Antara to feel and follow a vision that was revealed in a Sweatlodge Ceremony in 2016 in Austria. After a series of workshops they held in Austria and visible support by through many sacred revelations, it has been decided to open the first MOON DANCE CIRCLE IN AUSTRIA. The first MOON DANCE CIRCLE IN AUSTRIA will happen this year, 2018, and carries the name ´´ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI´´.

Atlachinolli, a Nahuatl (Aztecan) compound which means:
Atl = water, generator of life, ´we come from her´ or  ´Without it life does not exist´
and Tlachinolli = burning, water that burns, precious water that represents our blood.

Atlachinolli springs from mixing water medicine with heat, thus creating the steam that is our great medicine in the Temazcal, which has the ability to heal (water with fire, at the same time two opposites and complementary elements that create life with movement)


´´´This Year 2018 many of you are invited to dance one year only if you wish to be part of the Moondance!! This is an exception to the tradition where actually the dancers committ to four consecutive years of dancing. We wish to make this first year a strong grounding and opening for the first Moondance Circle in Austria and would like to give those sisters the opportunity to dance this June 2018 even if the next years dancing is not clear yet.

Please come, support, dance and open this wonderful new ceremony with us! It is NOT an obliagtion to dance four years, it is more a commitment to yourself. A path of slow growing. If you dont come back to the circle, please please the minimum we ask of you is to return your pipa to the leaders! It is a strong stone which needs a lot of respons-ibility and guidance.

We ask you to REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by writing your petition letter to The Letter does not have to be longer than a few lines asking for permission to dance and shortly sharing the call to join the circle.

There will be Medicine Women in the Ceremony taking care of you in times of extreme exhaustion or deep process. All Medicines are homeopathic,home-made, natural and herbal remedies to relieve muscle and organ aches,headaches, fatigue etc. There are drops, tinctures, globuli or sweets that the medicine women carry throughout the whole night and have guidance over to serve us. These women are knowledgable and very kind and gentle. You are asked to trust great spirit and these healers as we are in good and loving hands! 🙂

It is obligatory by austrian law to have an ambulance and a fire brigade on the land of the event. Thisambulance is on stand by throughout the whole ceremony in case of emergency. There is also a car that will be assigned to always be accessible for quick transport to the nearest hospital. We dont believe and dont wish for extreme cases like this but are conscious to provide this health care for any situation of healing.

We will receive honey throughout the night and you are allowed to bring your honey too, to regulate and help our sugar household during the day and the night. We are working with feminine essence, the lunar force, the gentle caring energy of the goddess who does not push. This is the reason we are not forced to fast 200% and receive drops of honey during the ceremony and optionally you can have your own pot of honey for during the day.

Please do not worry, this is more than enough to keep you motivated and enduring. We drink plenty of water during the day and are able to make our own electrolyte drink consisting of salt, lemon, honey and water. This will help us to continue during the four days with the many sweatlodges. Each sweatlodge itself becomes a marvellous field of rejuvenation where eating may even seem strange after the four days of strengthening our body, mind and soul.

There will be enough Water at the land, with taps and streams closeby. If you are coming in car and it is possible please bring a 5L Water bottle to use for cleaning hands and face at your tent. We will not shower during the Ceremony, so the Water that you bring or collect at the land (bring own 1L bottle) will be used for basic hygiene and drinking.


It is highly adviced and recommended you organise and find a good landing and integration place for two- three nights after the dance. A LOT of deep sleep, rest, nature and good food is the perfect place to integrate the days together at the Moondance. The city, to much stress must be faced consciously as you are very cleansed and vibrating beautifully on a feminine wavelenght frequency.

You will receive only the obsidian stone pipe by the Moondance leaders. The wood pipe piece will be on sale at market before the Moondance or can be organised or handmade by ourself or someone you know. The dimensions of the pipe stone where the wood piece connects is ***. Bring a piece of cloth, leather or small leather bag for your stone pipe piece.

You will dance with your pipe during the ceremony, therefore you will need a bag in which you can put it to carry it around over shoulder. This can be any cloth bag that is comfortable and nice for you, that will fit the stone pipe piece, the wood piece, tobacco and matches.