Atlachinolli Meztli


"Sing, dance, pray and respect creation."


The Moon Dance Ceremony is an ancient prayer where women from all walks of life and all ages come together to pray, purify and reconnect with the forces of nature and our inner feminine power, wisdom and love.

The Moondance is a ritual of devotion in honor of the sacred elements and nature. Together we sing, dance and pray for better times and peace between nations and humanity.

We live in a time where the main priority and need is to be in conscious circles of prayer and love.


August 16th to Aug. 20th

Thank you for being here! This page is intended to inform you about the depth of the Moondance Ceremony, the process, the tradition, and much more.

New times require new formats, the depth, commitment and sacredness remain the same. Welcome!

What is the Moondance?

The Moon Dance is a four-day ritual in which women gather, fast, and dance in a ceremonial circle for four nights to pray for the good of humanity, to feel the feminine essence amplified within, and to heal both their bodies and wombs and to cleanse generations of oppression and neglect. We dance to the sacred prayer songs in sacred formations according to the Directions (North, South, East, Wet) and Elements around the big mother drum. The structure of the ritual is an age-old tradition that is being revived around the world.

Moondance Austria

In 2016 Antara (Moondancer of the Danza in Mexico, living in Austria) had the idea to introduce the Danza de la Luna in Austria. In 2017, Grandmother Tonalmitl (Woman of Knowledge, Guardian of Ancient Traditions, Chairwoman of the current circle of the "Danza de la Luna Mexico") came to Austria together with Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin (dancers of the Moondance, guardians of Grandmother Tonalmitl's lineage, living in Mexico) to sow the Moondance in Austria. In July 2018 the first Moondance took place in Austria.

Important Information

The Moondance Ceremony is NOT a Festival, NOT a Party and NOT a Shamanic Initiation. The Moondance is a life changing experience, a Prayer. You must feel a strong Call to embark on a path of growth and inner transformation... a path where you will see and meet your true, beautiful Self in a circle of amazing, committed women. Healing and difficult moments may arise but this is part of the Journey. Therefore, please read the following Information carefully:

Moondance Austria 2024 in


August 16th to August 20th