) FEB 15th Graz – Singing Circle
O MARCH 3rd Graz – Sweatlodge in Graz @ Momoland
) MARCH 17th Graz – Singing Circle @
MARCH 25th Vienna – Singing Circle @
O MARCH 30th-1st Wechsel @ Windhof– Sweatlodge and Vision Circle for all Brothers and Sisters!

) APRIL 15th Vienna – Singing Circle
O APRIL 28h - 29th – All brothers and sisters Singing and Vision Circle!

MAY 13th  Vienna’- Singing Circle
) MAY 15th Graz – Singing Circle
O MAY 26th Kautzen – Sweatlodge at Tree of Life Festival

) JUNE 13th Graz - Singing Circle
JUNE 17th Vienna – Singing Circle
O JUNE 25th- 29th Gars am Kamp – MOONDANCE !


Please look at our Facebook Moondance Group for venue details..