"So praying is not only following rituals and doing it just right. Its how we feel inside, how our heart connects, and how we live. That called walking the spirit road." (Bear heart, Lakota chief)


Registration opens New Moon 30th of April 2022

Union 3


Every woman who is older than 16 years and is in a stable physical and emotional condition, that allows her  to participate in this prayer, is very welcome.  You wanna join the ceremony as a dancer? Please check out Preparation, Guidelines and Registration!


Arriving from Monday 1th August until Monday 15th August.
limitet REGISTERED helpers

Supporters, also known as Helping Hands are those of you who want to help build infrastructures such as the community kitchen, toilets, tents and more. As well we need much support during the days of the ceremony in waterteam, fireteam, kitchenteam, guardians team, children team. Please get in touch with us and use the registrationform. Please let us also know if you have any specific skills, if you have a certain area of manifesting you want to be involved in, or if you are open to help out wherever a hand is needed. This helps us with planning and organising the team sizes and tasks.
For the Moondance we need your commitment so we know we can count on you with your presence. Please, as soon as you feel the clarity of this call, write to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


As this is a non-profit event we need to work and finance the costs together to heal our Sacred Mother Planet.
We give thanks to all of you. Without the help oft he volunteers this prayer would not be possible.


Dear brotherhood, we are so deeply grateful for your presence and support. We know that without you this Sacred Prayer would not have been and would not be possible.
And here we are once again, calling upon you dear brotherhood to unite our prayers and visions for the New Earth. We are passing through difficult challenging times in humanity. We, you and us, we are in charge of balancing the forces of the male and female energies. Together we can cooperate to enable a new balance of these two important energies on the planet.
If you feel the call to be part of this sacred prayer, please use the registration button and let us know that you want to be with us. We have many different areas where service is needed: like the Sacred Fire, Water Temple, Childrens Area, Kitchen, Families, Guardians, Infrastructure, Toilets and more...
For the Moondance  we need your commitment so we know we can count on you with your presence. Please as soon as you feel the clarity of this call, write to us, and we will get back to you.


Family and Children are VERY welcome at this event. There will be a seperate Family/ Children´s Camp Area, as well as chosen people to look after, play with and eat with the children during the day and night. The children are also cooked for from the main kitchen and will receive food prior to adults and everyone else. There will be three warm meals a day.
Please write us an email to moondanceaustria@gmail.com if you plan to come with a child/children, letting us know how old they are so we can plan logistics and group sizes. We ask for a per day donation of €10 for children above 5 years and for a free donation for children under 5 years of age, as this a non-profit organisation.
As a Mother participating in the Moondance you are welcome to breastfeed your child during the Ceremony as well as carry your baby through the nights of the Ceremony!
On the fourth night the Children are invited to enter the Ceremony Circle and walk or dance with their mothers for a short while!


Dear mother-sister, if you come with your children please consider this:
If your children are under 4 years of age we ask you to bring someone: a friend, family member or a babysitter to take care of your child/children while you take part in the moondance process. It is very important that you reserve your energies for this 4 day ceremony.
For children from 4 to 10 years of age we will provide a childrens focalizer and a children team. They will have daily activities and focus the childrens space. We love that our children are witnesing the Moondance Prayer with you and feeling the energies and receiving the blessings of our ceremony.
Please register the children (and their age) that are coming with you when you do your registration!



´´Visitors are the Witnessing Force of Compassion and Gratitude´´

Visitors are very welcome on the fourth night of the Ceremony  from 20h00 onwards. You are invited to come witness, support, motivate, cheer, dance outside of the Ceremony space and be touched by this very powerful prayer. It is deeply moving for the Dancers/participants to be seen and thanked for their spiritual and devotional service to humanity and our earth.



No Dogs are allowed at the Moondance! We prioritise the Safety and Hygiene of our Children. Thank you for your understanding.
Because the Moondance is a Highly Spiritual Ceremony, it is forbidden to use video cameras, photographs, cell phones as well as the use of electronic devices to record the songs or play any other type of music. In case of catching someone, be it a dancer, visitor or support person, the elaborated material will be confiscated.
The preparation of press articles or public/commercial material usage from the dance is prohibited.
The male companions, friends or family members who accompany the dancers and wish to support the work as well as being present during the dance, should always remain outside the circle at all times and not enter it for any reason. They will only be allowed to enter before the start of the Ceremony when they are asked for support; to fix the place of the Huehuetl and the preparation of the Circle.



  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • No loud conversations
  • No eating or displaying of food
  • No disturbing or interfering the ceremony
  • We recommend not using your cell phone or keeping it quiet
  • No nudity please



The dancer, supporter or visitor who does not comply with the Regulation established inside and outside the circle of this dance, will be invited to leave the place.
It is important that everyone respects each other and their belongings; the council will not tolerate abuses of any kind.
The attitude of the dancers, men of fire, men of water, supporters, and visitors lies in the hands of the council. All must be respectful at all times, otherwise they will be asked to leave the place. If any dancer acts disrespectful, the council will have the final say in deciding whether the dancer or supporter may stay or needs to leave the circle. The council reserves the right of admission and permanence.


There will be Medicine Women in the Ceremony taking care of you in times of extreme exhaustion or deep process. All Medicines are homeopathic,home-made, natural and herbal remedies (non psychodelic) to relieve muscle and organ aches,headaches, fatigue etc. There are drops, tinctures, globuli or sweets that the medicine women carry throughout the whole night and have guidance over to serve us. These women are knowledgable and very kind and gentle. You are asked to trust great spirit and these healers as we are in good and loving hands!
It is obligatory by austrian law to have an ambulance and a fire brigade on the land of the event. Thisambulance is on stand by throughout the whole ceremony in case of emergency. There is also a car that will be assigned to always be accessible for quick transport to the nearest hospital. We dont believe and dont wish for extreme cases like this but are conscious to provide this health care for any situation of healing.


It is highly adviced and recommended you organise and find a good landing and integration place for two- three nights after the dance. A lot of deep sleep, rest, nature and good food is the perfect place to integrate the days together at the Moondance.


The Moondance Ceremony takes place in august 2022 from 9th to 13th morning time


Gars am Kamp, Tautendorf