We are allowed to hold our ceremony in a beautiful country. The owners/family are very in alignment with our prayer & ritual. The moon dance is a prayer for the earth & all of our relationships. We also want to honor the country that carries and supports our prayer accordingly. Please note & respect:

  • Respect the land, its guardians, nature, plants and animals. Follow the instructions like no camping in the forest, no throwing garbage in nature, no uprooting plants.
  • Produce as little waste as possible. Be very aware of what you take with you to the country. Keep your own rubbish with you and take it back with you!
  • Water on land comes from its own spring and is scarce. Please use the water wisely. Dancers do not shower during the 4 days of the ceremony. Before and after, and for all helpers, we ask that you mainly wash and rarely or not shower (there is an outside shower available).
  • Please follow the instructions of the Moon Dance Council and the Land Warden Family.



Am Wachtberg 78, 3571 Thunau am Kamp

The ceremony will be at "Art in Nature" in Tautendorf/Am Wachtberg near Gars am Kamp in the Waldviertel in Austria.

Ḱunst in Natur Facebook page:


The train leaves Vienna from FRANZ JOSEFS BAHNHOF and goes to BUCHBERG/am Kamp. From there it is a 20-40 minute walk to the Wachtberg, where the ceremony will take place. There are regular train services that require one or two changes. Enter the day and time at the top of the oebb.at search engine to find trains.
Then press the stop button for the Buchberg station on the train, otherwise the train will not automatically stop there. If you miss the station, just get off at the next station "Gars am Kamp" and get to the Wachtberg from there.
From the Buchberg train station then walk to Buchberg Castle and from there look for the marked hiking trails and signs for the ceremony and go in the direction of Tautendorf/Wachtberg/Kunst in der Natur. On the right side hill from the castle. Here are the directions from the ´´Art in Nature´´ website


If you are driving, it is best to enter “Tautendorf” into the navigation system. It takes about 1 hour and 15min from Vienna. Then drive slowly in Tautendorf and look closely to see the ´´art in nature´´ signs.


Airport Connection: There is regular public transport from the airport to FRANZ-JOSEFS-BAHNHOF. From there, as described above, the other trains to BUCHBERG. It depends on when you arrive at the airport in Vienna, but basically there are train connections that take between 45min-60min to get to FRANZ-JOSEFS-BAHNHOF. Please check www.oebb.at yourself to find the exact times for your selected days.