Moondance Austria


We, the organisation Team and the ever-growing group of Sisters and Brothers, meet twice a month where we connect, exchange and most importantly feed the vision of connection, healing and love. The prayer is kept alive and strong through regular meetings which we plan on or around the cycles of the moon. We gather on or around New moon and Full moon in different people´s homes or on private lands, mostly in upper Austria close to Vienna or in Styria close to Graz.


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Sweatlodge is a steam bath known as Temazcalli, Temaz steam and calli house. A construction made out of tree branches.
Rocks are heated from the fire outside and brought into the Sweatlodge onto which water is poured creating hot steam. Prayer, song and intention guide ones way to rejuvenation, cleansing and re-birth through what is regarded as mother earth´s womb.



We meet once in a month, gathering in a heart-shairng and singing circle. Holding the prayers close, surrendering and uniting our spirits to the healing forces of ourselves and, a shared vision. We sing and share songs from all over the world, fusing and integrating the many cultures which are within us.
There is a growing collection of traditional Lakota, Nahuatl (Aztec), Rainbow and Medicine songs in English, German and Spanish. These songs are prayers, are visions, are a healing force we send into the world, raising the global consciousness vibration by vibration, tone by tone. We send big waves of light and love into all directions, all over the world, for the universe and beyond. There is a Moondance Soundcloud page with song recordings to get to know the melodies and lyrics of the songs, and to of course prepare for the upcoming ceremony and connect with the deep medicine message.



The Chanupa, the sacred peace pipe used in ceremony and other rituals, is one means of conveying prayers to the Creator and the other sacred beings. The Chanupa is packed with Tobacco, an ancient Centering tool. The Chanupa is the way of connection with the sacred energy field of the ceremony and all other sisters part of the tribe, carrying the message inside their hearts. The Chanupa is intentionally smoked, in company or alone. The Chanupa is a very strong and important aspect of the Moondance Ceremony and Vision as the main pipe stone is Obsidian. This powerful stone catalyses many underlying processes, bringing vision, protection and clarity.
We pray to the 7 directions offering our intentions of peace for the earth, for the relations among us people, races and ethnic groups so that harmony and balance among all living beings may be found on earth. Not forgetting the origin of Waka Tanka, the white buffalo woman that brought the chanupa to remember the ancient times of peace. We pray for ourselves asking for clarity and strength to walk with the heart, in love for and with all our relationships.

"In this sacred circle I learned the most intimate and sacred teachings about how the universe and I, we are One."