This regulation has the intention of uniting all the energies of the participating dancers in order to go together in the same direction. This is to mean that all aim to liberate us from everything that prevents us from "being one" and transforming us into magical beings, conscious and free. In order to achieve this, it is necessary not only to follow the rules, but also to feel the circle and to love and appreciate it - full of gratitude for this gift that was born from the heart.

These rules have been adapted to measures that are necessary, however, they can be understood through the individual and collective understanding of our work, and thus any dancing woman who feels the call can participate in our Danza de la Luna Atlachinolli Meztli and engage with Profess accountability, maturity and love for it.



The Council of the Moon Dancers must principally consist of the women who have consistently participated in the Moon Dance for several years. The advice is based on the principle of the “Tlecuilli”, which is the place where the women make the fire, consisting of three stones called “Tenemaztli” which contain the pot or cauldron of liquids or food. The pot contains the necessary ingredients for the laboratory that women set up in life, consisting of food, feelings and life itself. The Council consists of seven members, the grandmothers who have been at the Moon Dance the longest (“Tenemaztli”), who in turn select four other dancers for a total of seven members. This vision of the "tlecuilli" and its support "el tenamaztli" is indispensable and it must never be less, otherwise there would be a lack of stability.
The council will always make the final decisions, always respecting the freedom of each individual dancer, who will make their own suggestions with discipline and in favor of the circle, with the certainty of behaving in a harmonious way towards the whole group.
The Council and the entire group of dancers pledge to respect each dancer's ideologies and beliefs, while at the same time each dancer pledges to avoid ideas that may harm, negatively influence, or confuse others. Let us remember that we did not come to propagate or enforce beliefs, but that we came to learn and to give, together, transcending cultural or ideological differences.



The moon dance as a prayer is a path. We make a binding promise to walk this path for (at least) four years in order to go through the circle of the four cardinal points.

Every year of dance is precious and we see our bodies change as a result while our hearts blossom.

If you are unable to attend for a year (illness, birth, etc.), this can be brought up in communication with the council.

Our first promise is for four years. At the conclusion of these four years in the same circle, one is given a stick that symbolizes the path of the four creative energies (earth, water, air and fire).

After this it can be decided whether to remain in the same circle of dance to complete a total of seven years of dance and thus begin a new cycle with new symbols representing the promise of a mature woman, leader of herself, her emotions and the temazcal (sweat lodge) to be.

If it is your willingness and heart's desire to continue to the nine years, the vow is accomplished and one can be empowered to open a new lunar cycle. To do this, you have to complete the nine years in Danza on the one hand and get the approval of the council on the other.



During the dance the women fast. We work with the feminine essence, the lunar power and with the nurturing and soft energies of the Goddess, which is not intrusive. That's why we don't enforce 200% fasting. During the ceremony we always get a few drops of honey and you are also allowed to bring your own honey jar to regulate and support your sugar balance during the day. Please don't worry, this is more than enough to keep you strong. We drink enough water during the day and we can make our own electrolyte drinks from salt, water, honey and lemon. That helps us to get through the four days with the many sweat lodges. The sweat lodges themselves are a wonderful field of regeneration, although the food might even seem strange after four days of strengthening your mind, body and spirit.

In the case of pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is allowed to eat and drink well according to their condition. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can also eat cooked food in the children's and helpers' camp.

In the event of a pregnancy that is less than three months old, participation is only permitted at your own risk (as everything is still very sensitive at this point in the pregnancy and the baby needs a lot of rest and stability to grow and thrive).

If underage women (under the age of 16) want to take part in the dance, a special agreement with the parents is required in order to be able to determine the conditions for this. Please contact us!

Each participant is responsible for her own health and is asked to communicate any special condition to the Council (medication, emotional or mental states, pregnancy or miscarriage, general illnesses or chronic illnesses and other particularities).

Inside and outside the circle, women are encouraged to care for, support and respect one another in order to maintain unity, balance and harmony while also responsibly respecting each individual's privacy and freedom, as well as the safety and To be able to maintain the integrity of all persons who are around and in the dance.

It is obligatory for all moon dancers who join the circle to attend all sweat lodges before and after the nightly ceremonies until the ceremony is over four days later. If this promise is intentionally broken and there is an absence in one of the sweat lodges, the council is predestined to decide to sanction this behavior since the promise applies from the first to the eighth sweat lodge and in the healing field of the ceremony the purification process is not interrupted may be.

For discipline, safety, and promise, the dancers are required to remain in the circle at night during breaks to rest. Permission to leave can only be requested in urgent cases, with the intention of returning as soon as possible. Toilet visits are planned by the leaders during breaks in the ceremony and not at will during the course of the ceremony.



The clothing consists of three parts, a skirt, a long blouse and a throw (poncho), all made of white fabric (preferably cotton or some other natural material).
The clothing bears the symbols of the "Moon Dance Atlachinolli Meztli" on the front of the cloak. You will then be given the patch directly on site.
Both the skirt and the wrap (poncho) have stripes in blue and red along the lower end of the garment (see pictures), which are sewn on by the dancers in advance. These symbolize the elements of water and fire. Red and blue velvet ribbons of variable thickness are accepted.
Clothing should please the dancer, be comfortable and respectful. It is a ritual setting, so no short skirts or tight tops please. May the holiness be preserved and remain focused.

Pieces of jewelry or accessories are optional:
• The head will be adorned with a headband, which will be awarded at the beginning of the ceremony, and a crown of sage and flowers (also available locally). In addition, a hat or headscarf is required to protect against the cold.
• A cloth (belt) can be worn around the waist and rattles or anklets around the feet. Owl feathers or feathers from other nocturnal birds are allowed.
• Bring a rattle!



- The whistle, also known as “Chanupa” in our circle, is one of the elements of our ceremony and the oldest prayer of our work. Since our ancestors, the whistle has been used as a medium between us, the physical world and the Great Spirit. Using the whistle allows us to raise our prayers and take them to the great Creator of the universe. We consider the spirit of natural tobacco as a means to offer our prayers.

- When entering the circle of the "Moon Dance Atlachinolli Meztli" in the first year, each participant is handed her whistle. This sacred object of prayer is considered on loan until the dancer has completed her four year promise to participate in the Moondance.
- Only after the four years does the whistle become the dancer's property - with the promise to protect, respect, pray and use it adequately, thus feeling the connection to the circle of the moon dance wherever the dancer is.
- Not all women may choose to keep the pipe. In this particular case, she must be returned to the guardian grandmother during the four-day ceremony.
- If, for whatever reason, a dancer cannot or does not want to keep the scheduled time of the dance, she promises to return the pipe to the Grandmothers' Council. A few words directly to you, if this applies to you: Dear Sister, if for any reason you decide not to continue the Moon Dance path in our Atlachinolli Meztli County, or if you do not feel that you are praying your Sacred Pipe Chanupa, we ask you with much love and respect, return the pipe. As we said the day we gave you the whistle, it is not yours until you have completed your fourth year in our circle of moon dancing. In accordance with this commitment we have made, please send us your pipe well packaged and protected to this address: Loreto Maldonado, Feldgasse 34, 3422 Hadersfeld, Austria.
- The whistle must always be in good condition and all parts should be clean in order to be able to use it. The dancer should always carry tobacco, matches and a bag for the pipe.
- The moon dancer basically does her work at night, so it must be noted that the pipe is only smoked at night or in special cases in closed rooms.
- The tobacco in the pipe represents the dancer's prayer and should be consumed in full.
- The pipe should be filled with tobacco before entering the circle and must not be refilled within the ceremonial circle.



The Moon Dance is a group ceremony that seeks profound prayer and introspection for the dancer's growth as a woman. Part of our prayer is the work with the medicine of the temazcal (sweat lodge). There will be eight sweat lodges in total throughout the ceremony; at sunset before the dance night and at sunrise after the dance night.

⁃ In the prayer of the ceremony we also heal and cleanse our body, so all sweat lodges should be attended during the four days of the ceremony.
⁃ To avoid judgment and prejudice, respect is asked for the dress and behavior of the dancers throughout the ceremony.
⁃ Longer dresses or blouses and long skirts and shawls are requested in order to preserve the woman's body for herself and thus to deepen and align the process. Public nudity is therefore not welcome in this context.
⁃ All participants must be present at the lighting of the Sacred Fire from the first sweat lodge and the opening ceremony. It is not possible to board later at the ceremony. It is not possible to be there from the second sweat lodge onwards. If there is a justifiable reason for missing a sweat lodge, the grandmothers will take care of it after the first night.
⁃ If the dancer does not enter the sweat lodge and dance circle for any reason, or has to leave before the ceremony is complete, the dance will be canceled and may be repeated the following year.



During the dance there are different tented areas for the dancers, the singers and the many areas of support.

The dancing women may only stay in the allocated area during the four days and nights of the ceremony. Staying anywhere else is strictly prohibited, regardless of how convenient or close the opportunity is. It is important to avoid distractions and external contact with non-dancing individuals (such as family and friends) during the ceremony in order not to disrupt the energetic processes. The lunar space we generate is very deep and highly meditative. So we keep the energy focused on our prayers.

NO CAMPING IN THE FOREST! We have a wonderful land placed at our disposal. There are special camping areas (dancers, fire eagles, watermen, helpers, children) on the meadows, but camping in the forest is not possible! We respect that and ask for your support!



• No smoking
• No drugs
• No loud conversations
• No eating or showing of food
• No disruption or disruption of ceremonies
• No cell phone use



It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, marijuana, any kind of neurotoxins or hallucinogens including cigarettes as we are in a process of cleansing our body to expand our consciousness. The common tobacco used during the dance takes on a sacred character and is seen as a connection to the essences of the universe.
• Since the moon dance is a multidimensional ceremony, it is forbidden to use video cameras, cell phones, still cameras, and electrical recording devices to record songs or other music. In the event that someone is caught doing it, regardless of whether it is a dancer, visitor or helper, the material created will be taken away from the person immediately.
• The distribution of newspaper articles or advertising material is prohibited.
No Selling During Ceremony: If you have beautiful items you would like to sell, please wait until the end of the ceremony. We ask that you abide by this Council Agreement and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
• The companions, friends or male family members who want to accompany the dancer and support her in her work as well as want to be present during the nightly ceremony must remain outside the circle at all times and are not allowed to enter it at any time and for no reason.


The person (dancer, helper or visitor) who does not follow the disciplinary rules, whether outside or inside the circle, is invited to leave the place. The dancers, firemen, watermen, helpers and visitors must always respect each other, otherwise they are asked to leave the place. The council is free to regulate the behavior of the dancers, firemen, watermen, helpers and visitors.

If there was disrespect in the dancer's behavior, the council would have the final say in deciding whether or not to allow said person to remain in the circle.
It is important that everyone respects the property of others. No abuse of any kind will be tolerated.



The elements of Mother Nature are water, earth, wind and fire and every Moon Dancer's pledge is to protect and respect these with love - wherever she goes, with the vision that these elements will also be part of the legacy for those to come generations are. Inside and outside the circle, dancers, fellow human beings, visitors and family should support, respect and care for one another so that unity, balance and harmony are maintained in the work. At the same time, privacy and freedom of personal responsibility must be respected. May the awareness of safety and integrity be in place from all of us.
The dancers are asked to help with any preparations for the camp. We also ask for deep understanding and cooperation in the event of any spontaneous rescheduling. At the end of the dance, everyone is asked to help clean up the square. This should be left as we found it. For organizational reasons, we ask all dancers to take their rubbish with them when they leave.
No form of discrimination or cult practice towards the dancer is permitted, neither in terms of skin color, nationality, language or religion, as we are all equal and equal in terms of our rights and duties and the same moon enlightens and touches us equally.



We hereby call on all women and men who feel the urge to sing, dance, pray with all their might for nature and the cosmos. As our ancestors said, "Sing, dance, sow, and respect for creation."

The earth that makes us human with her gifts will only continue to thrive if we become aware of her love.
Let's celebrate the dance, walk the path with clarity, always with respect! With all love and respect let us raise our prayers together with discipline, love and joy!
OMETEOTL (We Are One - I recognize the generating power of creation in you, me and everything)


And now: Welcome!! Welcome everyone to the “Moon Dance Atlachinolli Meztli”!

August 16th to August 20th