Moondance Austria


We, the organizing team and the growing group of sisters and brothers meet about twice a month to connect, share and nurture our vision of connection, healing and love. Prayer is kept alive and strengthened by the meetings we plan according to the lunar cycle. We meet at new moon and full moon in different places, mainly in Vienna and in Styria (near Graz).


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A sweat lodge, also known as a temazcal, is a round wooden framework made of sticks covered with blankets, representing the womb of Mother Earth. An ancient ritual for purification, healing and regeneration takes place here. Stones are heated in an outdoor fire and brought into the sweat lodge, where, together with water, herbs, incense and prayers, an effective and healing medicinal vapor is created. Prayer, song and intention carry us through the gates of purification and thus through rebirth from the womb of Mother Earth.



We meet once a month for heart sharing in the singing circle, where we pray and indulge in our own healing powers. Our spirits join in a common vision. We sing, share songs from all over the world and thus weave and integrate many cultures that live within us.
There is a growing collection of songs from traditional Lakota, Mexican Nahuatl (Aztec), and the diverse Rainbow and Medicine communities. We sing mainly in English, German and Spanish. These songs are heartfelt prayers, visions, they are a healing ray that we send into the world to raise global consciousness, vibration by vibration, tone by tone. We are radiating great waves of Light and Love in all directions, to all of Earth, to the Universe and beyond.
There is a Moondance Soundcloud with recordings. There you can make friends with the lyrics and melodies to steadily integrate the preparations for the upcoming ceremony and connect with the sacred medicine message.



The Chanupa, the sacred peace pipe, is used in ritual and ceremony as a medium for transmitting prayers to the Creator and other sacred beings. The chanupa is stuffed with tobacco, an ancient centering tool. The connection to the sacred energy field of the ceremony is established through the Chanupa and connects one with all other sisters and brothers of the tribe who carry the message in their hearts. The chanupa is intentionally smoked in company or alone. The chanupa is a powerful and important aspect of the moon dance ceremony and vision as the pipe stone is made of obsidian. This powerful stone accelerates many subliminal processes, bringing vision, protection and clarity.

"In this sacred circle I learned the most intimate and sacred teachings about how the universe and I, we are One."