The ´mother Moondance circle´ was birthed 25 years ago, in 1992 in Mexico, with a group of dancers who followed their dreams, visions and studies of the Codice Borgia (the anthropological foundation from which he Moondance Circle Xochimeztli originates).

The Moondance Circle is a legacy of the Ancestral tradition that transmits the inheritance of the ancient grandmothers of all the directions of the Earth; like grandmother Isabel Vega, may she rest in peace, and our beloved grandmother Tonalmitl, both founders of the Moondance Circle Xochimeztli.

They carried out their work for many years, leaving behind a legacy which is now lifting us and passing on the task of fusing experience, message, studies, dreams and vision. This lineage and its philosophy has much experience which is to be lived and celebrated, and most of all used authentically; as a deep source of empowerment. This mother circle, the Moondance Xochimeztli, has given birth to many more circles in different parts of the world including Argentina, Costa Rica and soon Dominican Republic, Austria and many more.


A ritual of four nights and four days where Woman dance in a ceremonial circle during the night; praying for the Wellbeing of Humanity, reactivating the Feminine Essence within them and cleansing their bodies as well as womb of generations of female suppression and neglect.

The woman partaking the ritual fast for four days, drinking only water and teas and attend 8 Sweatlodges at Sunset and sunrise.

Songs are sung, deep collective praying and dancing carry the woman through the ritual into a new, revitalised empowerment.