Tuesday 6th / 11:00 to 20:00
GRAZ - Momoland / EB (before 20th may) € 70.-  / € 100.-
Lectures: "The Moon Dance and the Prophecies"
* Druming Circle & * Sweetlodge Ceremony

Wednesday 7th / 18:30 to 21:00 
VIENNA - Dancing Shiva / € 25.- at the door
Lectures: "Moon Dance", "Rumbos Sagrados", "Salutation to the 7 Directions"

Thursday 8th / 14:00  to 21:00
WALDVIERTEL - Weitersfeld / EB € 40.- / € 60.-
Lectures: "PopoxKomi" Sacred Cleaning Smokes, "Female energy in our Moon Dance path"

Saturday 10th, 11:00 to Sunday 11th 17:00
WALDVIERTEL - Weitersfeld / EB (before 20th may) € 120.-  / € 180.-
Lectures: "Medicine Woman", "Fire Eagle", "Sweetdlodge and the Elements", "The Moon Dance and the Prophecies of the Codex Borgia"
Workshops: * Circle of the Sacred Pipe Chanupa
                      * Circle of the Drum
                      * Sweetlodges Ceremonies

TRANSLATION: Spanish - English - German

Anmeldung und Information: moondanceaustria@gmail.com

Welcome dear Woman, dear Sister,
dear Mother, dear Grandmother to our


We are very touched, happy and honor  to open this circle and specially   because this year,  June of  2017, the leader of MOON DANCE MEXICO Grandmother TONALMITL will visit us here in Austria  to share her knowledge and wisdom about  the Moon Dance Tradition. And to spread the seeds of the Moon Dance Circle that will be open next year 2018 in Austria.

María Guadalupe Retiz, known as GRANDMOTHER TONALMITL, has been leading Moon Dance in Mexico for the last 25 years, having under her vision and responsibility a group that actually gather around 700 dancers from all over the world and ages.



*First word of the Anahuac Ancestral Wisdom Council, Mexico

*First word of the Xochimeztli  Moon Dance Circle, Mexico.

*Guardian of Ancestral Traditions.
Woman of knowledge dedicated to the study of Ancient Codices and the mathematics of her ancestor linage.


Following the ancient prophesies, Grandmother Tonalmitl said that is time to bring the knowledge of the Moon Dance to other countries, and we are very touched, happy and honor to receive her and her linage in Austria.


GRANDMOTHER TONALMITL, will visit us in the first week of June, together with 2 of her closer woman's of her Linage, Moon Dancer Eileen Rogers  AMEYALTZIN and Muriel Rogers XIUHCOATL , both already they has been walking 9 years together with Grandmother Tonalmitl. They completed their cycle as Dancers of the Moon, and  made their commitments  to raise new Moon Dance Circles in other places of Mother Earth, in order to maintain this Ancestral and Sacred lineage.


» Crowdfunding Start 15.5.2017


...and about our ancestors and MOON DANCE...

MOON DANCE is a strong Prayer Ritual, held by Grandmother Tonalmitl the last 25 years in Mexico, since resurrected in 1992 from the Mexica traditions and from the records in the Codex Borgia. Moon Dance is a Sacred Dance Ceremony where woman's from all over the world and ages gathered to Dance and Sing under the light of Mother Moon for 4 nights, and committing to do eight Sweetlodge Ceremony, fasting and integrating the work of the Sacred Chanupa Pipe. A Ceremony supporting the healing, awakening and empowerment of all woman's that are feeling the called for this ancestral ritual.

When we come to the Moon Dance, we profoundly express that we want to grow internally, but for this you need to make an effort with your physical body.  This way we purge the vices that the wrong education has left us. We believe  that cleaning our bodies  is the way we can blossom with our gifts and qualities that were given to us since  our birth.  Those gifts and qualities will help us to accomplish our mission that is written in our destiny.  Our grandmothers and grandfathers were able to revive their gifts to guide, take care of and organize the pueblos or nations, integrating spirituality in their daily lives.        We come to this earth with all the intention to full fill our responsibilities and that’s all that should matter to us.  That’s why we should make the offering with a lot of conscience and as natural as possible.  Fasting is highly important to clean our energetic body,  being able to reach a higher vibration level.   Our goal is to fast four days, but if somebody can’t, at least attempt to do it, forcing yourselves as much as possible.

The sweat lodge, the dance, the fasting, and the silence are all tools for purification and access to the spirit.  We consider that the fasting of four days is correct.  That’s the way it is in the Borgia Codex which is our principal guide for our work.  We must be conscious that our spirit which was called Nahual by our ancestors, grows with our ritual.  It is with our Nahual that we can accomplish our best advancements.

...some history and origins...

Moon Dance was initiated  with the grandmothers Isabel Vega, rest in peace, Guadalupe Retiz Yañez whose mexica name is Tonalmitl and Patricia Guerra Leal, who dreamed of the Moondance.

The 1st Moondance in 1992 was done in a place of the grandmother Volcano Iztaccihuatl.  From the north side we would arrive through San Martin Texmelucan, which was in the skirts of the mountain supported by a group of female farmworkers.  Patricia Guerra Leal during that time was the partner of Francisco Jimenez Tlacaelel.  The group “Female Farmworkers Torch” was trying to take on some land from a ranch.  In that Moon Dance the fasting was complete and since it was in a place in the mountain where it is usually very cold, we started a fire in each direction. This Moondance work was very emotional because something very special happened.

By the last day, we were resting and we heard some dogs barking around 2 or 3pm.  Soon somebody passed by asking the ones who were guarding the camp site for those dogs.  Hours later they went to get Tlacaelel so that he could help with the slaughtering of a deer and we were told what happened.  A man went to one of those ranches where they let you pad the deer.  In that place he bought a big deer of 80 kg.  He let the deer loose in the mountain to hunt it and he also had his dogs.  What happened was that the deer went all the way to the Female farm workers Torch group and since it was a passive deer he thought he would be defended there.  But the community felt that food had arrived from heaven and they took him happily because he was so docile.  They sacrificed the animal and they ate it.  When we found out we were felt bad and those feeling were with us throughout that night.  After that, we were visited by a Huichol  indigenous  warrior who made us aware that the sacrifice of the deer was brought to us because the essences considered that we were initiating a very important spiritual work, that was predict by the grandfathers in the Borgia Codex.

I ask all women who come to do this Moon Dance, to take it with a lot of respect and to see what a sacred act happened since the first year in 1992. 

...the concept of our spirit...

The concept of our spirit being a duality was the heritage passed on to us from our grandfathers.  Duality of a person or duality in the elements.  The major force we have it in Ometeotl, the creative figure of everything that exists and is in the thirteen sky.  An example of this duality is Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl.  Quetzalcoatl represents the Venus planet when it comes out in the morning, representing wisdom, light and positive energy.  In the opposite side is Xolotl, the same Venus planet when it comes out at evening-night and it represents the dark knowledge and the negative energy.  We have always been told that negative is bad, but in reality it is only the opposite.  They have different positions, different energies.  The Human being is a duality in itself, feminine and masculine.  In order for us to get to know our own duality we should go into ourselves and the way our behavior is that’s our dual figure.  In order for us to be able to get the best out of the Moon Dance, we must work very hard to bring out our internal duality – for that reason we must avoid vices, make a good effort to work on our past (recapitulation), know ourselves as best as possible, exercise our body a lot, force our body to produce the substances that are necessary, never administering those substances through external means, and even less during the Moon Dance because with that we would not be able to feel rigor of the effort.  We should treat our body as a precious jewel.


...Moon Dance and the Prophesies...

The Moon Dance circle we are able to see it as we already saw  it in the Borgia Codex.  In that image you can see the women dancing with different colors in their outfits that exemplify the different women with different thoughts the different colors the different races but all of them have the same face and all of them are women.  They are 12 total and the moon in the sky is 13.  Throughout any given year 13 moons parade through the universe.  There are 6 guardians 3 on each side.  On one side there is Miquistli, Tlaloc and the Red Tezcatlipoca.  On the other side there is Tlahuizcalpantecutli, Itzpapalotl and the Black Tezcatlipoca.  The mandibles of the monster of the earth are where the road to the Moon Dance begins.  Right there you find the circle of the women standing. Dancing on a path marked with footprints.  In the center, painted in red you find the duality of Quetzalcoatl offering songs and prayers and a pot with liquid that could be Octli or water.  In her Cozcatl or collar you can see the half shell representing perfect duality, because one piece fits perfectly into the other.  One makes the songs, the other elevates prayers, one has a black outfit, the other one red

In the four corners of the circle you find four figures in a circle.  Each one of those are calendar figures en they are placed 5 by 5.  Total number that you have is 20 figures.  These counts are found in the civil calendar or the calendar of 360 days plus 5 nemontemi days.  In this occasion Monday 27 is ehecatl day and that is in the lower left part, or the last night of the Moon Dance.  In the Tonalpohualli calendar or sacred count of the days of humanity, the day 27 is ce mallinalli and it is found in the top right part.  This feast we are doing it in the Mexica month or veintena and it is called Ocpanistli, that was a veintena dedicated to the principal feminine essences.  Such as Teoci, Teteooinan, Mayahuel, Tlazolteotl, Itzpapalotl, Tonancin Tlalli, Coatlicue, Coyolxahuqui, our mother moon, and all the most representative feminine figures.  For example Teteoinan means, due to the repeated syllable, the Highest Teotl.  Toci means more or less our grandmother.  To means ours and ci means grandmother.  In Tlazolteotl, tlazol means love and teotl means divine, so it means divine love.  These are the main roots of our Moon Dance.

Due to the Spaniard Invasion or so poorly called Conquest, the ritual was lost and we have obtained support in the Lakota work of the Sundance because it’s almost the same model with just a few differences.  Some of the songs we sing are Lakota specially the Pipe songs.  We also integrate songs in Nahuatl and in Spanish in the circle and in the sweat lodge.  The Lakota people took care and guarded the tradition of the Sundance and the Sacred Pipe that was given to them by a woman.  Wakantanka, who was coming from the south.  She taught them to pray with the pipe and left it to them when she transcended.  Now we are retaking in Mexico.  Before the Spaniard Invasion, the Sacred Pipe was used for all ceremonies.  Bernal Diaz states that the elders would use their smoke in many places and in burials.  In the Museum of Tzintzuntzan located in Michoacan, 2 pipes were found in exhibition in the book Relacion de Michoacan.  It is stated that all ceremonies were accompanied by the pipe.  Therefore we can affirm that the pipe could have gone from Mexico to the Lakota Nation and that is why we have retaken it gladly, along with the Sweetlodge that has been practiced in Mexico since ancient times.

We consider that some people with great strength and dedication will accomplish to dance with their nahual.  In Chalcatzingo there is a stone carved with two human beings in a dancing position with their nahual.  One of them has the form of ocelotl or jaguar and the other one of mazatl or deer.  In the Archeological zone of Monte Alban there are some paints where you can find the figures of men dancing in certain uninhibited positions like as if they were in trance.  In the codices there are several figures like the central one of the Moon Dance, that besides singing and praying they are dancing.

This is what I can inform you about what I believe are the principles of the Moon Dance.  We also believe that the Borgia Codex talks about prophecies and we are obligated to do this ritual to give strength and initiate what we can call the new sun.  This new sun was promised to us by our grandfather Cuauhtemoc.  It is a sun with an energy of harmony, more equality, and some say feminine.  So it be then, we are acting correctly in trying to elevate this new energy of this promised sun.  That’s why we are very happy to receive women from all over the world so they can come and do their offering and be part of this change.  Let’s ask for peace for all the world so violence can stop, let’s cry and pray for all the children killed in war, in terrorism, for the hungry ones, for the sickness, for the sexual abuse that perverts them and disrupts them, and then they are killed due to AIDS, let’s ask that violence against women stops, like the type of violence seen in the killings of women in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua.  Let’s asked for the women who are beaten up, for the women who are raped, for the women who are exploited, for the women who are humiliated, the ones whose dignity is forcefully taken away by telling them they are worth nothing.  Let’s pray so that all the women are full of light, of wisdom and of strength that is given to us by our tradition.


Grandmother Tonalmitl


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