Welcome to the Moondance Austria ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI, a prayer from sisters and brothers for Mother Earth and human evolution.
Take your time to delve into the history, origins, mythology and details of this Ancient Ceremony, our Moondancence prayer. Everything you find here opens a new path of deep transformation and understanding. All of this knowledge was left by our ancestors and passed on with care to support our growth today.


The first circle originated in Mexico in 1992 with a group of women following their dreams, visions and the study of the Borgia Codex (anthropological foundation of the Moondance prophecy).
The circle of the Moondance (“Danza de la Luna”) is the Heritage of an ancient tradition that gifts us the legacy of grandmothers from all corners of the earth, like grandmother Isabel Vega, may she rest in peace, and our dear grandmother Tonalmitl, both Founders of the first circle called "Danza de la Luna Xochimeztli".
Both of them realized their work through their direct experiences for many years and put together all these experiences, traditions, visions, studies and teachings for this lineage and philosophy, to also form today's rules of the Moondance that help us all to participate in unity and harmony.
Through this circle, the "Danza de la Luna Xochimeztli", further circles in different countries of the world (eg in Mexico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica) were brought into being. This also includes the "Danza de la Luna Atlachinolli Meztli", which opened in June 2018 in Austria/Europe.
The Moondance is a four-day ritual in which women come together in a ceremonial circle for four nights to pray for the good of humanity, to feel the feminine essence amplified within, and to cleanse and empower both their bodies and wombs from generations of oppression and neglect.
The women who feel called to participate in the dance fast for four days. They only drink water and tea and get some honey to stabilize their sugar balance. In addition, there are eight sweat lodges during these four days - at sunset and at sunrise.
The learned songs, dancing and deep collective prayer carry the women through the ritual and help them regain their strength and empowerment.


Codex Borgia rabbit

Our work consists of:
*Grandmothers of the Circle (two grandmothers and one assistance)
*Heads of the rows of dancers (four)
*"Sahumeadora Woman" (Guardians of the Holy Fire)
*Fire women (carriers of the Fire element)
*Earth women (carriers of the Earth element )
*Water women (carriers of the water element )
*Air women (carriers of the air element)
*Kitchen Team
*Support and Security Guards (Earth Keepers)

The Symbols and the Medicine
The symbols we use in the dance are the clothes, staff, crests (of the womb and more) and flags that we wear during the dance, which are also embroidered with symbols.
Our medicine is the sweat lodge, the dance, the pipe, the tobacco, the songs, the prayers, the copal (incense resin from Mexico), various healing essences and personal gifts, all offered with respect and awareness.

Codex Borgia 2


In 2016 the idea was born to introduce the Danza de la Luna in Austria. In June 2017 the time had come that grandmother Tonalmitl (woman of knowledge, guardian of ancient traditions, chairwoman of the current circle of "Danza de la Luna Mexico") accepted the invitation of Antara (Moondancer in Mexico, living in Austria) and traveled from Mexico together with Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin (dancers of the Moondance, guardians of the lineage of grandmother Tonalmitl) to get to know the place and interested women and men who understand this ancient ceremony and its wisdom. The Austrian circle was given the name Atlachinolli Meztli.
Atlachinolli is a compound word from the Náhuatl (Aztecan) language and means:
Atl = water, creator of life, we come from water, without water there is no life
Tlachinolli = what burns itself; water that burns itself; pretty water representing our blood.
Atlachinolli originates from the composition of the medicine of the water with the heat, creating the steam, which is our great medicine in the sweat lodge, which has the ability of healing. (Water with fire, at the same time two opposite and complementary elements that create life through movement.)



Following tradition, a woman must have been part of a Moondance circle for nine years before she is allowed to start a new circle. During these nine years she grows through deep self-experience into an expanded state of consciousness, which later offers her the framework for holding a sacred Moondance circle.
We are very happy to welcome our two beautiful blood sisters XIUHCOATL and AMEYALTZIN here in Austria. They have both been apprentices in the mother circle (Danza de la luna ´´Xochimeztli´´) for nine years and are deepening their knowledge of this sacred ceremony under the guidance of Grandmother Tonalmitl.
When a new dance circle is opened - no matter where in the world - grandmother Tonalmitl travels to the new circle with her two most important co-leaders. In our case, she was accompanied by the Lead Singer and the leader of the Firemen. With them she brought blessings to the new singing leader and the new leader of the firemen, who are co-leaders of the newly opened circle.
In 2018, Grandmother Tonalmitl passed the Moondance leadership and knowledge to the new leaders Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin. Thank you for your courage to take responsibility for this new circle born in Austria.
Aho Moondance circle ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI!


Impressions of loving dancers

"This Sacred Circle has been the deepest, most transformational life experience!"

— Antara Dakini

"It is and has been absolutely fascinating to observe how the deep medicine of the Moondance has weaved its way into every layer of my life."

— Roberta
South Africa

"I am a Moondancer. I have always been. And I feel blessed and very grateful for it."

- Antonia