Welcome to MOONDANCE AUSTRIA ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI, a prayer of sisters and brothers for mother earth and the human evolution.
Take your time to dive into the history, origins, mythology and details of this ancestral ceremony; our MOONDANCE PRAYER. All that you will find here is to envoke an opening, a new path of deep transformation and understanding. All this knowledge was left behind by our ancestors in full conciousness for us to rise today!


The ´mother Moondance circle´ was birthed 25 years ago, in 1992 in Mexico, with a group of dancers who followed their dreams, visions and studies of the Codice Borgia (the anthropological foundation from which he Moondance Circle Xochimeztli originates).
The Moondance Circle is a legacy of the Ancestral tradition that transmits the inheritance of the ancient grandmothers of all the directions of the Earth; like grandmother Isabel Vega, may she rest in peace, and our beloved grandmother Tonalmitl, both founders of the Moondance Circle Xochimeztli.
They carried out their work for many years, leaving behind a legacy which is now lifting us up and passing on the task of fusing experience, message, studies, dreams and vision. This lineage and its philosophy is full of experience which is to be lived and celebrated, and most of all used authentically; as a deep source of empowerment. This mother circle, the Moondance Xochimeztli, has given birth to many more circles in different parts of the world including Argentina, Costa Rica and soon Dominican Republic, Austria and many more.
A ritual consists of four nights and four days where Woman dance in a ceremonial circle during the night; praying for the Wellbeing of Humanity, reactivating the Feminine Essence within them and cleansing their bodies as well as womb of generations of female suppression and neglect.
The woman partaking the ritual fast for four days, drinking only water and teas and attend 8 Sweatlodges at Sunset and sunrise.
Songs are sung, deep collective praying and dancing carry the woman through the ritual into a new, revitalised empowerment.


Codex Borgia rabbit

Our work is composed of:
* The grandmothers of the circle (two grandmothers and one support)
* The rowheads of the dancers (four)
* The Sahumeadoras women (guardians of the sacred fire and the four doors)
* Element Fire Woman(carriers of the Fire element)
* Element Earth Woman (carriers of the element Earth)
* Element Water Woman (carriers of the Water element)
* Element Air Woman (carriers of the element Air)
* The dancers
* The singers
* The men of fire
* Men of water
* The kitchen
* Children's daycare.
* Supporters and security (guardians of the land)

The Symbols and our Medicines
The symbols we use in the dance are: the glyph, the attire, flags and the cane. Our medicines are the Temazcal, the Dance, the Pipe, the Tobacco, the Songs, the Prayers, the Copal, Healing Herbs, Tinctures and Oils and the personal offerings, all used with respect and conscience.

Codex Borgia 2


In 2017 Grandmother Tonalmitl, Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin visited Austria. They were invited by Antara to feel and follow a vision that was revealed in a Sweatlodge Ceremony in 2016 in Austria. After a series of workshops they held in Austria and visible support by through many sacred revelations, it has been decided to open the first MOON DANCE CIRCLE IN AUSTRIA. The first MOON DANCE CIRCLE IN AUSTRIA took place in 2018, and was named ´´ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI´´.

Atlachinolli, a Nahuatl (Aztecan) compound which means:
Atl = water, generator of life, ´we come from her´ or ´Without it life does not exist´
and Tlachinolli = burning, water that burns, precious water that represents our blood.
Atlachinolli springs from mixing water medicine with heat, thus creating the steam that is our great medicine in the Temazcal, which has the ability to heal (water with fire, at the same time two opposites and complementary elements that create life with movement).



As part of the tradition of the Moon Dance Ceremony, the Woman must walk the path of the MoonDance for 9 years,before she is able to open a new circle. During this 9 year period she grows through deeper self-knowledge and expanded consciousness. This enables her to later hold a Sacred Moon Dance Circle.
We are happy and honored to receive our two beautiful sisters XIUHCOATL and AMEYALTZIN here in Austria who have been walking the MoonDance path with the Mother MoonDance Circle “Xochimeztli” in Mexico for 9 years consecutively, studying and following this Sacred Ceremony under the guidance of Grandmother Tonalmitl. You will find a Photo of them in our Gallery further down.
When a new Moon Dance Circle is opened in any part of the planet, Grandmother Tonalmitl visits that new circle with her two most important Leaders from her own Circle Xochimetzli in Mexico; in this case the Singing Leader and the Fire Man Leader. Traditionally, she comes with them bringing the blessings for the new Fire Man keeper and the new Singing Leader keeper of the new circle being opened.
In 2018 Grandmother Tonalmitl came to transfer the leadership of The Moon Dance, and through a Ceremony she blessed the new leaders, in our case wonderful Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin, for stepping up to the responsibility of the new Moon Dance Circle birthing in Austria, the ATLACHINOLLI MEZTLI CIRCLE. AHOOOOOOOO!!!



"This Sacred Circle has been the deepest, transformational life experience!"

— Antara Dakini

"It is and has been absolutely fascinating to observe how the deep medicine of the Moondance has weaved its way into every layer of my life. "

— Roberta
South Africa

"I am a Moondancer. I have always been. And I feel blessed and very grateful for it.“"

— Antonia