There is a kind of women on this earth who carry flaming torches for the evolution of mankind. These women are rare, unique, finely assembled jewels of the primal feminine spirit. These women possess more courage, resilience and endurance than imaginable. These women have walked in silence through thousands upon thousands of years to find themselves back here on earth. Loaded with the task of reawakening the deep Feminine Soul for humanity and the Earth.
It emerges one by one from the ethereal temples of the Shakti in all its forms and sets its bare feet on the barren soil of this earth as the Awakened Woman. Sparkling in the radiant dew of Divine Love's participation, Body lithe and bright with free-flowing Kundalini, Third eye wide open brimming with cosmic codes of truth, Hair blazing with wild shameless passion, Hands that reach out of themselves to the wounds of the move the soul of Gaia and love her to live again.
The Awakened Woman does not announce herself as the savior of this time. Most of the time she keeps going with the immense amount of work with dedication, discipline and immeasurable commitment.
All of these women will delve deep into their own accumulated suffering to emerge from the oppression of Goddess consciousness. This karmic charge of the woman's wound will inevitably come to a tipping point in this lifetime, bringing women to profound self-healing and self-awakening.
As these women heal themselves, a domino effect of healing and transformation will occur for many women in the future as well as in the past. The innate power of these women who have devoted themselves to the Divine Feminine for eons of time is so catalytic, creative and enlightening that the universe is enriched with vast bodies of oxygenated divine blood when women of this type devote themselves with the deepest intention to their perfection.
You will experience a spiritual transformation if you have stepped into the vibrating web of an Awakened Woman's energy field.
It doesn't matter what you believe. Your soul has chosen to connect with her. This woman carries deep and significant mystical information for you; sacred intuitively-based codes essential to the evolution of your being.
All of these women carry with them pre-arranged agreements that put them in touch with certain people at certain times. Often it is a carefully organized date that coincides with specific lunar phases and planetary crossings. This triggers waves of awakening in the energy bodies of the people who connect with them.
The Divine High Council of Femininity will guide this group of women throughout on their mission of implementation. These women are never found "accidentally". There is always a deep sense of connections and places where they put their energy.
Carrying the sacred torches of Femininity Awakening is not always easy. An over-dependence and investment in patriarchal ideologies and beliefs prevents and weighs heavily on the earth. The vibration of fear, which originates from over-protecting and blocking the heart, leads us to lose connection with our inner voice and to see emotional energy as useless and insane. The vibration that evokes total detachment from one's body wisdom and that suppresses the practice of being in silence regularly, this vibration of fear has caused the human consciousness to run away, shut off, stop listening, and crawl back into place.
When the human consciousness has lost contact with the heart, it acts out of fear. Acts of fear are always violent, intent on causing emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual harm. We cannot get stuck in the stuck vibration of fear and release ourselves from the female soul part. YOU cannot stay paralyzed in fear and release yourself from your female soul part.
The only chance to open up to the truth, the presence, the glow, the depth, the healing, the acceptance, the trust, being seen and heard of what we are deep inside, the spiritual transformation, the only chance comes through Listen, listen to what the voice of the goddess is telling you.
The goddess' voice is probably coming through one of the women I mentioned. In her own way, in divine timing and synchronicity, through miracles woven into her glittering mantle of light. So, that's how she speaks to you.
One of these women speaks to you, influences your energy field, works on your heart with Quotients of Love, and floods your weary bones and throbbing muscles with holy water from her overflowing chalice.
You know her. You couldn't miss them. She's not going to be the loudest, attention-grabbing, horniest. She will not manipulate you, beg, or make you feel guilty about being in her presence. It does not work on the ego level. It works at the level of the mind.
Spirit does not need to announce itself because it is.


The medicine woman is one who heals herself and her past. It is one that reunites with her sacred femininity. It is the one who has understood the importance of healing and lovingly embracing their lineage and beyond that has learned about the process and remembered their ancient heritage. It is the one who rises above her own knowledge and whose experiences transform into wisdom. It is the one who has learned to understand time and sees things with depth and from the heart.
It is she who knows how to turn pain, tears and suffering into knowledge. She is quietly guided by her self, in the trust of the universe revealing its secrets to her.
She is the one who uses her power to manifest with little effort. She is the one who is there to heal and minister to both strangers and friends, her cosmic family.
She meets and teaches the divine in the manifestation of the universe. She is one with her divinity and her grounding, respecting everything and everyone around her.
It is those women who look at life with love and generosity, who know how to forgive, who live in gratitude and who practice mercy and compassion.
It is women who dance and sing, who paint and teach, who heal, because every manifestation of them is a medicine for someone, an inspiration, a delivery, in abundance and in wisdom.
It is the one who loves with a deep unconditional love and gives it in all their actions.
It is the one who loves, appreciates, cares, respects, protects with dignity and as a result, gives the same to others. Great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter at that time,
Medicine WOMAN, love woman!

During the Dance