We are *Cantos* the Singing Moon Sisters who are committed to learn, study and to rise the most beautiful songs for Mother Earth, Mother Moon and  all forces of nature during the four nights of our Moon Dance Ceremony. We are guardians of the Sacred Motherdrum called Huehuetl, that represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth at the center of our ceremonial circle for the four nights of ceremony.
Our cantosgroup has been growing beautifully since we start two years ago our first Moon Dance Ceremony, and keep on growing with the love and dedication of many sisters, who feel the call to be part of our cantosgroup. We gather during the year for some weekends to learn sacred songs from all tribes and languages of Mother Earth.
Our Cantos base is four *Palabras/Leaders*, sisters who are dedicated to hold the cantoslineage and to study and nurture our circle with sacred beautiful songs:
First Palabra: Antara Dakini
Second Palabra: Eva Deva
Dear sisters, if you feel the call to be in cantos and learn, study and rise your spirit in service of our Moon Dance Ceremony please contact us.
Much Love, Songs and Prayers
Cantos Sisterhood
Moon Dance Austria Atlachinolli Meztli.


The songs are the life of the circle. They are breath, sound, prayer; a vast medium of communion between different dimension. A way of journeying through shifts and a way of communicating and processing messages. We sing in English, German and Spanish as well as in Lakota and in Nahuatl. Songs from many cultures and traditions and circles are represented.

Moondance Songbook 2021




Call for songs! Do you know a medicine song we need to sing?

Please contact Eva:


Singing Circle