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We were born in Santiago, Chile and from there we followed our hearts, taking us through different realities and to different places of this planet, always dedicated to expand and integrate diverse cultures within us. Especially those cultures which teach us the unexpected, magical and profound spiritual path.
Even when we were young, we embarked on the path of yoga, which has become an integral part of our lives. We offer classes and workshops and are passionate about combining yoga with dance and sweat lodges. It keeps the body flexible, the mind clear, and the spirit firm and stabilized. We are very grateful for the knowledge of yoga and all its gifts.
In 2005, we found the Moondance Circle and since then it has been a wonderful and vital blessing for our growth as women on this earth. It shows us that the commitment and gift that we are allowed to experience in this ceremony frees us from any intrinsic unconsciousness and expands us to a new dimension of life in fullness. With a strong will, we leave our comfort zone, get in direct contact with the power of the elements and thus ignite our inner, blossoming fire, which allows us to go through this life with more strength and awareness - with certainty about what our true essence is.
13 years have passed and thus our commitment to the Moondance Circle Xochimeztli in Mexico ends. Antara, a sister-friend, had the vision to bring the Moondance to Austria and asked us if we would like to open the Moondance circle in Austria, knowing what grandmother Tonalmitl had predicte all these years: the Moondance should spread all over the world, as the Prophecies of the Borgia Codex (the guiding Moondance Codex) describes. In these times we will dance Women from all over the world, of all races, colors and traditions united in a powerful Circle.
It is an honor for us, and with great Joy, we opened the Moondance Circle ´Atlachinolli Meztli´ in Austria in June 2018. Together we work in harmony and connection for human evolution, consciousness and uplifting the spirit with the elements as essential medicine for humanity.

Our Advice

We sisters, Ameyaltzin, Xiuhcoatl and Oceloquiahuitl, represent the base of the Council of our Moondance Circle ´Atlachinolli Meztli´ in Austria. This is the Sisterhood Council where many of the visions and decisions of the Atlachinolli Meztli Moondance come to life. Our Sisterhood was born in Mexico about 20 years ago- interesting is that all three of us were born in Chile.

Together we traveled to many sacred places on Mother Earth where we shared many meaningful Visions for better Human Life, free and conscious Existence, Respect and Love for all of Creation, Nature and different Lifelines. We traveled many Paths of Learning from Ancient Traditions and also from some Teachers in India. Our sisters Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin have been walking the Moondance path for over 15 years and four years ago the Great Spirit brought the sisters together to bring the Moondance prayer to Europe, to Austria. It all started with Oceloquiahuitl´s wonderful Vision during a sweat lodge ceremony in Austria - and slowly the vision has taken shape. .

To honor Austria, the Country, the Celts and the diverse backgrounds of our sisters, brothers and Ancestral Lineages in Europe, we have chosen the TRISKELTON as one of the important symbols representing us and our Circle and constant movement of nature and life,death and rebirth. It is also a symbol representing Trust and Belief in Divine Order.

We are deeply grateful to be able to share the Love for this Ancient Tradition of the Moondance and we thank Europe/Austria and its Ancestors for welcoming us here with so much love and open hearts.

The Prayer of the Moondance comes from Mother Earth and goes back to her...

*Dance, pray, love and respect Creation*
Moondance Austria Council


We are a group of sisters who take care of the organizational structures of the Moondance and work in cooperation with sisters from Mexico, England, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
If you would like to help bring the information to your country, to your sisterhood, please contact us:


Antara Dakini


First Palabra Cantos

Our Chilean sister, who lives in Austria and dances in the mother circle in Mexico, received the vision to open a Moondance Circle in Austria. Since this revelation she has devoted all her prayers and time to the manifestation and anchoring of this Sacred Prayer. She leads sweat lodges and connects the worlds, communicates with our leaders and grandmother Tonalmitl in Mexico. She is the Force and Organizer of many aspects within this great project.



Inner Crew

She is the sister who quietly and secretly makes all the connections happen. Everything we need, all materials and connections - she is the one who always knows how and where to organize everything. She always has a smile on her face and a positive outlook on things. She participates in the Moondance because she and the Moondance have been waiting for each other.


Simone Nina

Inner Crew

This dear sister was born in Switzerland and lived in Latin America for a long time. The mysteries of the Great Spirit have always shown her the way and the Austrian Moondance was a coming Home for her. She helps us with translations and various things in the background.


Juanita Citlalcoatl


Our Chilean sister Juanita is one of our line leaders in the Atlachinolli Moondance Circle. She was born in Peru, grew up in Ecuador and currently lives in Mexico. She has dedicated her life to the Art of Theater and Storytelling, drawing inspiration from Mother Earth. Yoga and the Moondance are the basis for her powerful growth and understanding of her feminine essence and humanity.


Cecilia Molina



Another wonderful sister leading a Line in the Moondance Circle in Austria. She was born in Yucatan in southern Mexico. She is an architect and staunch follower of the yoga path and interested in the scientific study of health. She loves ancestral medicine, art, music, languages and of course the Moondance Prayer.

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Moonmedicine Woman

Our wonderful sister Jenny enjoys combining Knowledge from Medical School with Alternative Medicine and Music Therapy. She has also been practicing yoga for many years and loves singing and chanting. The Moondance has been a very important element in her life and has helped her blossom as a Woman and Medicine Woman.


Isela Molina Villares

Moonmedicine Woman

Another wonderful medicine woman born in Merida, Mexico. Since her early childhood the medical path has interested her. She is a doctor and expands her profession with Herbs, Bach Flowers, Yoga, Biomagnetism, Reiki, New Germanic Medicine and traditional Medicine. She is a specialist in Ayurvedic therapy and has been following the Moondance in Mexico for the last four years. We are fortunate to have this amazing, holistic sister as one of our Medicine Women at the Moondance in Austria.




She is responsible for our singing Sisterhood, the Soundcloud and the Singing Circles in Graz. Ever since she joined the Moondance with heart and soul, her Power unfolds in Beauty and accuracy like a golden Arrow. After some time with her you realize that she is a real Elf warrior full of Love and Wisdom and also carries the knowledge of our Celtic ancestors with her.




Having grown up in South Africa, she is now rooted in Austria. She was a Moondancer in the mother circle in Mexico and is a devoted sister of our Moondance circle Atlachinolli Meztli in Austria. She shares the wealth of her Insights and spreads all important information to the Community.



melissa 2

Mellissa Vayu Ari


A born singer and prayer sister. She entered the Moondance path with a direct call in her heart to be in our Cantos group. Since then she has been dedicated to the foundation of our Cantos studies, she is the one who grounds our meetings and gives a sacred structure to our meetings throughout the year. A wonderful devoted sister singing with her precious beautiful voice.






A wonderful Austrian brother from the mountains who is absolutely committed to the Sacred Medicine Way. He's one of our Fire Keepers in the Moondance Ceremony, and is an interesting, funny, and loyal pirate with a big, big heart. We know from the bottom of our hearts that we can count on him and we appreciate his "YES" to our Moondance Circle here in Austria.




Our big brother Bear, who always brings a positive "yes" and shares his years of experience with the Red Medicine Path. He is another of our wonderful fire Eagles, always ready to solve challenging situations with improvisation, love, respect and ease.




A wonderful and strong brother from Austria who always supports our manifestations with a full "yes" and presence. He dedicates his time, wisdom and love to the Sacred Red Way and became our fire eagle. His devotion speaks through the fire and elements that bless our ceremonies.




He  is one of the first fire men of Atlachinollimeztli . Since 2008 he has been walking the Red Way, the path of the Elements and the Earth. For eight years he served the Fire Team at the Moondance in Mexico and since 2018 we have been honored to have Juan with us as one of our Firekeeper brothers.


If you would like to bring information about the Moondance to your sisterhood in your country, please let us know so we can keep in touch and all information can be communicated clearly to you. Please contact us:




England: Eleanor Sara Cihuaoctoquiani

Portugal: Terra Raiz do Ser

Switzerland: Simone

Mexico: Xiuhcoatl & Ameyaltzin

Chile: Juanita Tegualda

Holland: Maartje

Czech Republic: Stepanka


We walk in Beauty

We pray with Passion

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