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We were born in Santiago de Chile and from this corner of the world we follow the direction of the heart that took us to travel through different realities and places of this earth, seeking to expand and integrate within us the diverse cultures that are teaching us the unexpected spiritual path; magical and profound.
At an early age we started the path of Yoga which is one of the great sticks in our life which we share in each class and workshop that we do, and which makes alliance with the dance and the Sweatlodges, keeping the body flexible, clear minds and firmness in the spirit. We are very grateful for the science of Yoga and all its gifts.
We found the Moon Dance Circle in the year 2005 and has been a wonderful and vital blessing for our growth as women on this earth, showing us that through the commitment and offering that is made in this ceremony, with much will, and leaving us our comfort zone, exposing ourselves to the direct contact of the power of the elements, we let go all superficial aspect of our lives and we raise our inner fire blooming with more strength and consciousness to walk in this life, knowing what our true essence is.
13 years passed and the commitment to the Moon Dance Circle Xochimeztli in Mexico ended, Antara our Chilean sister-friend that lives in Austria had the vision of bringing the Moon Dance to Austria, she asked us and proposed the wish of raising the circle of the Dance of the Moon in Austria, understanding what Grandmother Tonalmitl (Leader of Xochimeztli Moon Dance circle in Mexico) says about expanding the Moon Dance circles in the world, also as seen in the Borgia Codex ( our guidance Moon Dance Codex) that in these times we will dance; women from all over the world, races, colors and traditions together in a great circle.
We had the honor and joy to open the Moon Dance Circle Atlachinolli Meztli in Austria in the year 2018 and work together in unity and harmony for human evolution and consciousness and to elevate the spirit with the elements as essential medicine for humanity.

Our Council

We, sisters Ameyaltzin, Xiuhcoatl and Oceloquiahuitl  are representing the base Council of our Moon Dance Circle Atlachinolli Meztli in Austria, a Sisterhood Council were much of the Moon Dance Atlachinolli visions and decisions are taking life.Our  sisterhood was born around 20 years ago in Mexico,  interesting  and beautiful was that  the 3 of us  were born in Chile. We had been travelling  together to many sacred places on Mother Earth sharing same heart visions for a better life for human beings, a free  and conscious existence, and Respect and Love for all creation, nature and different life  lineages. We traveled many learning paths, humbly learning from ancient traditions and also from some teachers in India.Our sisters Xiuhcoatl and Ameyaltzin walked the Moon Dance road for more than 15 years and  just 4 years ago Great Spirit re-unite them with a higher service,   to bring the Prayer of the  Moon Dance Circle in to Europe in Austria. 

All was born from a beautiful vision from Oceloquiahuitl in a Sweatlodge Ceremony in Austria, and slowly this vision was taking life by itself.Honoring this land, Austria and the Celtic and different backgrounds of our sisters, brothers and the ancestral lineages in Europe we decide to use the TRISKELION as one of the important Symbols  that represent us and  our Circle, representing the constant movement of nature and Life. A symbol that represent Trust and Faith in the divine order.We  give  our deepest thanks to be able to share the love for this ancient tradition of The Moon Dance and to honor Austria Europe  and his Ancestors for receiving us with so much Love and open hearts.

The Moon Dance Prayer  comes from Mother Earth and goes back to her...

*Dance, Pray, Love and Respect Creation*

Moon Dance Austria Council



We are a group of Sisters and brothers behind all the organisation of the new Moon Dance Circle in Austria and we are working in collaboration with sisters from Mexico, England, Portugal, Switzerland and other countries.
If you would like to be in charge of bringing the information to your sisterhood in your country, let us know so we can be in contact and all that needs to be understood is clear and well delivered through you to your sister community. Please contact us,


Antara Dakini


First Palabra Cantos

Chilean sister living in Austria, Moon Dancer in the Mexican Mother Circle, she received the vision to open the Moon Dance in Austria and since that revelation all her prayers and time has been dedicated to manifesting and grounding this Sacred Prayer.
She holds the Sweatlodges and bridges the worlds, communicating with our two leaders and grandmother Tonalmitl over in Mexico. She is the Big generator and organiser of the many aspects within the Project.



Inner Crew

Laureta is our secret connecting provider sister. All that we need, materials and relations, she is the one who know from where and how to organize – with an endless smiling face and a positive view. She joined the Moondance because she and the Moondance were waiting for each other.


Simone Nina

Inner Crew

Sister who was born in Switzerland and lived for a long time in Latin America. The mysteries of the spirit have always guided her path and the Austrian moon dance was for her like coming home. She helps us with translations, the website and things in the background.


Juanita Citlalcoatl

line guide

One of our lines guides in our Austrian Moon Dance Atlachinolli, Chilean sister, born in Peru, growing in Ecuador, actually living in Mexico. Dedicating her life to the arts of theater and story telling. Creating her art by the inspiration of Mother Earth. Walking with the Yoga in her life as with the Moon Dance as base of her powerful growth, understanding her essence as woman and human being.


Cecilia Molina


line guide

One more beautiful magic sister guide of our lines at the Moon Dance Austria.
Born in Yucatan South of Mexico, Arquitect by Profesion and loyal follower of the Yoga Path and Health Sciences. In love with ancestral medicines, art, music, paint languages, yoga and of course in love with Moon Dance Prayer.
Walking the path of the Moon Dance the last 7 years in the Moon Dance circle with Grandmother Tonalmitl in Mexico. In 2018 we had the honor to welcome her in the first opening of Moon Dance Austria.

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Moonmedicine Woman

Our beautiful sister enjoys uniting knowledge from medical school with alternative medicine and music therapy. She’s also been a yoga practitioner for many years and loves singing and chanting. The Moondance has been a very important element in her life and helped her flowering as a woman and medicine woman.


Isela Molina Villares

Moonmedicine Woman

Another beautiful Medicine Woman, born in Merida Mexcio, since early child she was interest in the medicine path. Medical doctor by profesion a path that has been enriched with Herbalist, Bach Flowers, Yoga, Biomagnetism, Reiki, German new Medicine and traditional Medicine. Specialist as Ayurvedic Therapist. Following the Moon Dance for already 4 years in Mexico. We have the blessings to have this amazing holistic sister as one of our Moon Dancer Medicine woman in Austria.



Second Palabra Cantos

Focalizer of our singing sisterhood, soundcloud channel and circles in Graz. Since she enter in spirit and heart into the Moondance all her power unfold through with so much beauty and direction like an arrow. After some time with her you realize she is a real elf warrior full of love and wisdom also bringing the knowledge from the Europea Celtic Ancestral land.




Grew up in South Africa,is now rooting in Austria, she is a Mexican Moondancer at the Mother Circle, devotee sister of our Moondance Atlachinolli Meztli in Austria, always sharing depth of her insights and uplifting all informations that are shared in the community.






Is a devoted spanish-speaking, Austrian sister who dances at the Mother Moondance Circle in Mexico and also is part of the Moondance Austria Singing Circle. She holds the Moondance Singing Circles in Graz and has been translating most of our songs and documents.






A beautiful Austrian Mountain brother, fully commited with the Sacred Medicine Path, our Firekeeper in our Moondance Ceremony, an interesting funny loyal authentic pirate with big big heart. We know deeply that we can count on him and we honor his ´YES´‘to our Moondance circle.




Our great brother bear, who always brings a positive yes, providing his years of experience in the Red Medicine Path. One more of our wonderful Fireeagles, always commited and ready to resolve situations and improvisations with love, respect and easyness.




A beautiful powerful young Austrian brother, who is always around our manifestations with his kind presence and full Yes. He dedicates his time, wisdom and love to the Sacred Red Path. He is becoming an honored Fire-eagle. His dedication speaks through the fire and the elements,giving blessings to all our ceremonies.




One of the most Sweet fire keepers of Pachamama.  Since 2008 walking the Red path, the path of the elements and the earth accompanying always her beloved sister Ameyaltzin. For 8 years has been serving in the Fire team at Mexican Moon Dance, and since 2018 we have the honor to receive Juan as one of our main Fire Eagles brothers.


If you would like to be in charge of bringing the information to your sisterhood in your country, let us know so we can be in contact and all that needs to be understood is clear and well delivered through you to your sister community. Please contact us,



Sisterhood Contacts

England: Eleanor Sara Cihuaoctoquiani

Portugal: Terra Raiz do Ser

Switzerland: Simone


Mexico: Xiuhcoatl & Ameyaltzin

Chile: Juanita Tegualda

Holland: Maartje


We walk in beauty

We pray with passion

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