The following texts are testimonials from different people from all over the world who share their very personal point of view with us. You have participated in the moon dance ceremony in Mexico with grandmother Tonalmitl in different ways over the past few years. Some danced, others supported the ceremony as volunteers.


Antara Dakini has been part of the Moondance tribe in Mexico for many years. After receiving a strong call that loaded her with courage and vision to bring this ritual to Europe, she organizes and networks the Moon Dance Ceremony.

"My deepest gratitude goes to the Moon Dance Circle! The Moon Dance is an ancient, sacred ritual kept by magical bearers of wisdom from Mother Earth! It is a divine ceremony in which I have been a part for many years, where 700 women of different ages and backgrounds gather to dance under the light of the Mother Moon for four nights. In this sacred circle I was allowed to receive the most intimate and sacred knowledge of how I and the universe are one. In this sacred ritual I learned to offer ´´Antara´´ to a higher collective sense. In this sacred ritual I learned to become almost nothing, only consciousness. I learned about the bearers of wisdom.
I learned about transformation.
I learned about our collective female pain body.
I learned about the power of intention.
I learned to pray.
I learned to surrender.
I learned my story to offer my ego.
I have learned to apologize, to forgive myself and to forgive others.
This sacred ceremony opened my heart to the infinite source of love that Mother Earth holds for all of us.
I have learned to stay - to stay with what is there. pain and joy as one.
I learned to care for my many sisters.
I learned to trust the divine order.
I learned to respect the sacred traditions.
I learned to be one of the tribe with no ego of approval.
I learned to dance, dance, dance to the rhythm of the sacred drum.
This sacred circle is the deepest, most transformative life experience yet! A ceremony in which I found the truth of my soul path. And I am happily touched and open, this vision, this prayer with all my sisters who feel called to share this ancient prayer! And I keep learning and keep walking the Moondance way. See you soon, sisters, in holy prayer! AHOO! AHA! HEART!! OMETEOTL!!! HEYA HEYA HO!!”


Roberta Bubla reports on her first moon dance experiences:

"Even the strong women who keep up and walk upright must be able to be weak..."

“Even the strong women who keep up and walk upright must be able to be weak. So weak that the heart bursts open and pure life energy flows again. So deep that the connection to the source of her light flows again. It is so necessary now to accept this feminine weakness in us as strength in order to be able to hold the ray of love. Apparently it takes fasting, sweating, howling, singing, stamping, periods of physical weakness. Where the walls fall, thoughts fade and the strength of weakness, the strength of the honest heart leads you home - finally home again, in the womb of mother earth."

Pedro Collares lives in Portugal and supported the Moondance in Mexico 2017 as ´´Waterman´´:

"But if you're really there and you hear 500 warriors of the light singing through the night..."

“Participating in the Moondance 2017 as a helper was one of the most beautiful and special experiences I have ever had. My partner danced the nights there with many soul sisters and prayed for the healing of humanity in a special circle of awakened women who gather to grow together on the spiritual path.
Just knowing that I support them to go through the four nights of fasting, praying and dancing motivated me to donate my time and energy. But when you're actually there and you hear 500 warriors of light singing through the night... It's a very heart-touching experience.
I served the ´´Water Clan´´. Our contribution was to bring water to the sweat lodges and to prepare special medicinal teas, which are then brought to the dancers after the sweat lodge and during breaks at night.
It's a tough job 'cause we're tending the fire all night. We carry heavy pots of tea and serve each woman by filling water for the temazcals. We didn't get much rest, but the chants of the warrior women gave us strength. It was also comforting to know that they didn't eat while we ate three wonderful meals a day.
The water represents our emotions and you really feel them when you serve! I cried tears of bliss everyday to be able to witness such a powerful gathering! The Wasserklan team became a beautiful family and I've made friends for life!
I am so happy to have been invited to minister again at the Moondance in Austria 2018! If you feel the call to support this prayer, have no doubt, it will be life changing!”

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