The following reflections/testimonials are experiences and intimate sharings from different people from all over the world who witnessed the Moondance Ceremony in Mexico with Grandmother Tonalmitl over the last few years. Some danced, some dreamt and some supported the Ceremony from within.


Antara Dakini, has been part of the Moondance Tribe in Mexico for many years, is now organiser and focaliser of the Moondance Ceremony in Austria, after receiving much courage and vision to bring this prayer to Europe…

´´My deepest gratitude goes to the Moon Dance Circle! The MOONDANCE is a Sacred Ancient Ritual held by a Magic Wisdom Keeper of Mother Earth!
It’s a Sacred Ceremony that I have taken part in for many years, where around 700 women, all ages and from all over the world gather to dance under the light of Mother Moon for 4 nights.
In this sacred circle I learned the most intimate and sacred teachings about how the universe and I, we are One.
In this sacred ritual I learned to offer "Antara" to a higher collective purpose. In this sacred circle I learned to become almost nothing, only awareness.
I learned about wisdom keepers..
I learned about transformation…
I learned about our collective female pain body..
I learned about the power of our intention..
I learned to pray..
I learnt to surrender..
I learned to offer my ego, my history..
I learned to say sorry, to forgive myself and to forgive others...
This sacred ceremony opened my heart to this endless source of love that Mother Earth is holding for all of us.
I learned to stay- to stay with what ever is there, pain and joy as One..
I learned to take care of my circle of sisters..
I learned to trust in the divine order..
I learned to respect the sacred traditions..
I learned to be one of the tribe without any ego of recognition..
I learned to dance, dance, dance in the rhythm of the Sacred Drum…
This Sacred Circle has been the deepest, transformational, life experience! A Ceremony where I found the truth of my spirit path… and I´m touched happy and open to share this vision and prayer with all sisters of the world that are feeling the call for this ancient prayer.
And i keep learning and walking the Moon Dance path.…. See you sisters, in Sacred Prayer… AHOOO! AHA!! AHERZ!! OMETEOTL!!! HEYA HEYA HO!!!“

Roberta shares her experience...

´´It is and has been absolutely fascinating to observe how the deep medicine of the Moondance has weaved its way into every layer of my life. Not only do I feel more grounded as a conscious being bridging worlds of experience and awareness, but also more aligned with the responsibility that comes with this awareness. The prayers and preparation for the Moondance Ceremony invited me to thoroughly sift through my existence package and clearly state what it is I came here for… and to act upon my word!
I was so amazed and touched how nourished and supported I felt through the sweatlodges. Throughout the four days, in the evenings and mornings the sweatlodge offered a space of rejuvenation, rest and inner peace. The sweatldoge medicine is a strong energy source that thoroughly supported the fasting. My arising restlessness and exhaustion was regularly replaced by the many devotional songs and of course my own inner song, our mutli-dimensional prayer.
As healing our womb and the relationship to the consciousness and knowledge that arises from this powerful source is an integral part of the vision, a big part of the ceremony is also dedicated to dancing and depicting different stages of the menstrual cycle. At one stage in the night, I burst into laughter and euphoria as I realised my line, the small circle of woman that I was part of, were depicting the ovulation process of the cycle. We were an expanding and contracting circle of woman bathing in bliss, joy and so much fun!
It has been a colorful and exciting journey of releasing and receiving, letting go and accepting, cleansing and rebooting, surrendering and building up. The Ceremony started long before I arrived at the land. The Ceremony has held on long after the four days of dancing, singing, praying, fasting and sweating. It has been a deep re-programming on many levels of mind, body and spirit transmuting low-energy thought and emotional forms into those of Trust, Love and Courage. It is a call and healing process we have all been anticipating for generations, a prayer that has been part of many of our contracts for an endless time. The time is now to surrender and allow ourselves to be weak, to be gentle. And from there to grow strong. Heart-open, centred in the heart; returning to that vibrant, raw, honest and utterly graceful state called Love.
I will never forget the phenomenal, mind-blowing things that I saw in the skies those nights. Clouds that transitioned by the hour; from birthing women and clear breasts, to angel wings and feathered serpents, to light portals and moon mandalas. The magic was undeniable. The universe in full throttle. The connection through the womb incredible.
Nonetheless, it has also been a turbulent and intense process since the Moondance Ceremony Call entered my life. Cutting ties, clearing old dynamics and transmuting egoic ways has been and is a vital cleansing process which has brought me to knees, to surrender and humble myself to the great Mystery of Life. There is deep gratitude for the updates that have reached me through this ceremony. This path is a rewarding one, filled with much hard work, effort and many many teachings too. Like they said, when you go upstairs, there´s not much you can take with you. Experience and effort.
It takes strong woman to love and hold space for the men and women in this world. Woman who are connected to their innate wisdom and source of unconditional love – those who have faced and integrated their own wounds and weaknesses. These women, mothers, sisters, daughters will be guided to gift patience and awareness to those of us who have forgotten, whose lost soul parts too wish to be felt, acknowledged and embraced. The Ceremony is a deep reminder to emdody the Sacred Feminine, the Heart-centred Warrior.
This has been a tough and shedding process for me too. Don´t be misguided, the Ceremony will catalyse further teachings for weeks and months afterwards, allowing the re-aligning and remembering process to gradually unfold in many aspects of your life, the Ceremony as a reliable anker for your vessel in this big promising ocean.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the brothers and sisters who were there supporting the Ceremony space with their blood and bone, smiles and hearts. The immense effort and strenuous work that is also needed for a ceremony this great to unfold is hugely humbling. There were many tents and sweatlodges that were built, kitchens and children areas that needed attention, regular meals and drinks that were served for supporting visitors and team members and general maintenance that is necessary for a gathering this size and intensity to manifest smoothly. Not to forget, fire and wood, water and tea are vital aspects of the Ceremony that too are prepared by our brothers, that led many to deeply touched, and satisfyingly tired moments. Beyond it all, the shear presence of interested and passionate people made all the difference. In the middle of the night, a vigorous wave and enthusiastic whistle filled me up with much fuerza, love and determination.
Like my father, brother, partner and many wonderful men have all been crucial people on my path to understand and re-connect with the male energies of life that are necessary for me to walk whole and healed, the time is rife for the era of the feminine essence! For it to be re-accessed, re-membered and embodied. This planet needs OUR inner goddesses and gods, healers and warriors to take heart-centred action in guiding us all on the path through collective pressures and unease to gentleness, understanding and global harmony; in the knowledge that when I work on myself, its progress reaches thousands of others.´´

Antonia, a dear Austrian sister who has been part of the Moondance Mexico for two years shares her experience…

´´I am a Moondancer. I have always been. When I first heard about this ancient ritual from my dear friend Antara during a women sweatlodge ceremony in Austria, something resonated deep within my being. My heart started jumping joyously and my whole body lightened up. I closed my eyes to look within and saw myself immediately in a big circle of women, all dressed in white, dancing in the moonlight. No doubt, this was a calling. My calling. And so I followed the calling of my soul.
The very same year in October I flew to Mexico to participate in my so to say “first” Moondance. It happened to become the most powerful, challenging, magical and touching experience of my life. The true way of the warrior of light. And to be completely honest, in the first year it was a war at times. I didn´t expect that it was gonna be so difficult for me. I was fighting against many different forms of resistance and negativity. I felt incredible tired and cold. I have to admit that I wasn´t well prepared for the very very cold nights in the Mexican mountains - I paid the price for my naivety and lack of preparation.
The language barrier was also very difficult as my Spanish wasn´t good enough to understand the meaning of the teachings, prayers, songs, rituals. These circumstances triggered old beliefs of separation, of not belonging, of not being part of the tribe. My deepest hidden fears of rejection by the feminine came up. I was flooded with memories from my childhood and even from past lives. I kept on asking myself what the f… I was doing there. The answer always came in the form of very strong Deja Vus and I just “knew” that I was participating in this universal dance since ever and forever. I realized that the sweet little Ego was kind of dis-empowered, the choice had already been made a long long time ago on other, much higher planes.
I learned to surrender, to deeply surrender to the bigger picture. With the loving support of the sisterhood I won the battle against my shadows. I was sweating, crying, laughing, screaming, fasting and dancing it all out of my system, aligning with my intention and my prayers, over and over again, standing my ground, succeeding. And I was rewarded a thousand times for not giving up.
It is hard to describe the experience of wonder and awe with words as it is outside of the linear thinking of the mind. In the last night I turned into my Nagual (power animal) and found myself in the world behind the curtain, where everything and everyone is connected, outside of 3D time-space-perception. I saw, felt, sensed it with every cell of my being. A lightportal above the circle, multidimensional, held by the most beautiful light beings, a strong vortex, sacred geometry, divine order.
We are all one, uniting in our prayers and dances to praise the divine, remembering in an endless circle of life our divinity und unity. La Danza de las Brujas. Hundreds of powerful medicine women, goddesses moving in sacred geometrical patterns as one big female body to the beat of Pachamama under the gentle light of the moon to honour the sacred feminine, the earth, Pachamama, life herself.
The ever lasting beat of the big drum, the ancient songs, the sound of the Caracol, the wonderful smell of the holy incense, the lovely taste of honey, the feathers that blessed my tired eyes with water, the cloudy sky that was opening up every night when we entered the circle and started the ceremony, the beautiful fullmoon, the amazing stars, the deeply touching rising of the sun each morning, the rainbow around the moon in the forth morning and the white pigeon that flew through it, the healing ritual of the hot Temazcalis (sweatlodges), the authenticity, support, appreciation, love, care and tenderness in between women, the power of intention and prayer, the repetition of overcoming the belief that I cannot go on, the possibility of falling asleep while standing (even walking), the holy ritual of smoking and sharing the Chanupa, the incredible strength and wisdom of Abuela Tonalmitl, the strong and humble men outside of the circle; holding space without interfering, serving tea, keeping the fire, bringing the hot stones, supporting with their presence and service, the sacred processes of the feminine warriors, - so many strong and timeless impressions touched me very deeply and they become alive and give me strength ever since, especially every time I am lightening my Chanupa under the moonlight.
The Moondance shifted my life to a very magical timeline full of synchronicity and abundance and the year after my first Danza turned out to be the most amazing year of my life. I realized how much I learned and how much of my deep feminine wound, passed on through many generations, I healed in those four days and nights and in the integration period afterwards. It made me strong on very subtle but profound levels, reconnected me with powerful feminine ancestors and wisdom keepers.
The sisterhood-circle built up a strong base within me, grounded me, centered me, gave me the strength to open my heart even more in unconditional love, holding space for whatever arises. Although travelling the whole year, I kept on meeting Moondance sisters over and over again, even ones I didn´t get to know during the dance,we were just magically drawn to each other and then we found out that we were sharing the same ceremonial space during the fullmoon in October. We are so connected.
My second dance this year was very empowering and already much easier as I was better prepared compared to last year (always this trial and error process of mine ). My Spanish is much better now, I already knew the procedure, I knew many sisters from the last year, I could assist and support new sisters, I knew the songs and above all, my intention was clear and my commitment strong. I decided to serve my sisters as a carrier of an element (earth:honey) which filled my heart with a lot of joy. I realized how much I have grown in the last year and how much easier it had become to transform upcoming negativity or tiredness. I was dwelling in bliss and gratefulness for the grace of having been guided into this magic circle of love and transformation. I am a Moondancer. I have always been. And I feel blessed and very grateful for it.“

Pedro Collares, living in Portugal, supported the Moondance in Mexico this year as a ´´Water Man´´and deeply shares his excitement of the Moondance Ceremony soon happening in Europe…

"To participate as a helper at the Moon Dance 2017 was one of the most beautiful and special experiences I`ve ever had. My life partner and many soul sisters where there dancing all night and praying for the healing of humanity on a very special circle of empowered women that gather to grow on the spiritual path.
Just to know that I was supporting them all to complete a 4 nights and days fasting, payer and dancing already motivated me to offer my time and energy to help, but wen you are there in person listening to more than 500 warriors of light chanting all night is a really heart touching experience.
I served the “Water Clan” our job is to provide water for the Sweatloges and to cook special medicinal teas that we give to the dancers after Sweatloge and during the breaks in the night.
It is a hard job because we have to take care of the fire all night, carry huge pots of tea and serve each woman a part of filling up the water bowls that will enter the Temazcal. We did not rest much, but the chants of the warriors gave us strength. Also to know that they are not eating anything wile we are have 3 amazing meals everyday is quite comforting.
Waters represent our emotions and you really feel your emotions wile you serve there. I was crying of happiness everyday to witness such a powerful gathering. The “Water Clan” team became a beautiful family and I have made friends for life!
I`m really happy to be invited for serving the Moon Dance Austria 2018 once again.
If you feel the call of coming to support this prayer don’t doubt it will be a life changing experience.“


Eleanor Cihuaoctoquiani, lives in England, and has joined the Moondance in Mexico for the second year now, she holds much ancient Celtic and Mexican traditional knowledge and is the keeper of herbal medicine teachings.

´´After a vision quest, and several poignant dreams I felt the calling to the moondance. I was approaching my 40th birthday, and all the frustrations of not feeling I could fully be happy had come to a head, and so it was also my way of wanting to celebrate, let go and initiate change. I had already been lucky enough to have had a journey with the Mexican healing path, the traditions of the mexicayotl has with over 13 years of practise brought me so much remembering, but it's been the moondance in the last two years that has deepened my gratitude, healed my susto and given me back my willpower more than anything else.
About a month before going my niece whispered in my ear, "you are my life" ... I looked at this little girl and my heart opened, my response was to know I had to live well, if not for me, for her - and, since this precious life has spoken to me, ask how can I make a world for her where we can take care of ourselves, our psyche, our earth, and how can I protect her from the depressions that have crippled me, and safeguard her future here. When I got to the moondance, I felt that this was a way.
It's not easy, but you have to fully give yourself to the prayer. To want to dance, to sing, to sweat, to stay awake, to live, to carry your intentions into manifestations and to be of full service to your life, and the lives of others. There is not an ounce in me that doesn't know that this dance is Medicine. It has nothing to do with the self or navel gazing, or being part of an indigenous practice. It's to fight through the resistance, the illusions, the fears, and the apathy..it's the surge of fire to find the pure will of spirit, the spark that makes you want to live, to be awake, to feel, to see clearly. It's not just about taking care of this earth but cleaning it up, cleaning our hearts up, letting go of fear and all the ways we don't take responsibility. This dance is for coming together, singing, dancing, loving, feeling the dance of the soul in each other. It is about complete connection, awareness and seeing the absolute perfect mirror of our thoughts, desires and actions in nature. It's about raising your vibration out of suffering into positive action, trust and understanding. I know now I can't not take on this responsibility to life - I have to be this involved and dance these four nights, to feel this love, and impart it to others, bring resilience, hope and healing to what needs it, and to create a place for any child to not just be happy and free, but to have a future practise of cleansing, praying, strengthening and understanding our connection to the world, which is what the moondance brings.
And it is all women for a reason, which you will feel when you dance. You fall in love with all your sisters, whatever age - they become you and you become them. It's a community. And, I have been humbled to feel the service and admiration from all the men in their part of the dance. Women can't dance without them. There is not one without the other, we look after each other and support each other and return harmony by being there for each other.
And yes, the dance is enduring, it's both ugly and beautiful but you cross a different threshold each night, each year you dance, and in its magic, there is an alchemy that surpasses any ideas of limitation. With both the moon that awakens you, and the sun that rises, and the wise eyes and help from each other, you'll fall in love with home, never feel alone or fall asleep in the same way again.´´


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