"Visitors are the witnessing power of Mercy and Gratitude."



Visitors are warmly welcome to witness the Ceremony on the fourth dance night, the first of August from 8 p.m. onwards .(This is ONLY possible on the fourth night!) You are invited to witness, support, motivate, cheer and dance outside of the ceremony circle and obviously to be touched by this powerful prayer. It is deeply touching for the dancers to be seen and for other to witness their spiritual and devotional work in service to humanity and the planet.



No dogs are allowed at the Moondance! The safety and hygiene of the children who run around the site all day is very important to us! Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding.
The Moondance is a highly spiritual Ceremony. Therefore, it is forbidden to make video recordings, to take photographs and to make phone calls next to the ceremony circle, as well as to use any other electronic devices to record songs or play any kind of electronic music on site. If someone (regardless of whether it is a dancer, visitor or helper) is caught doing so, the relevant material will be removed. Newspaper articles or publication of articles for any commercial use about the Moondance is strictly prohibited! Please contact the Moondance Council if you wish to write about the Moondance for public cases.
The male companions, friends or family members who wish to accompany and assist the dancer, or even to witness, must remain outside the circle of the ceremony at all times and must not enter the circle for any reason. You are only allowed to enter the circle with prior arrangement before the start of the ceremony, in case you are asked to assist such as installing the drum or preparing the circle.



• No smoking
• No drugs
• No loud conversations
• No eating or showing of food
• No disruption of the ceremony
• We recommend not using cell phones
• Nudity is NOT allowed

.No picture or video recording during the ceremony.

.We recommend not using your cell phone.








The person (dancer, helper or visitor) who does not follow the disciplinary rules, whether outside or inside the circle, is invited to leave the place. The dancers, firemen, watermen, helpers and visitors must always respect each other, otherwise they are asked to leave the place. The council is free to regulate the behavior of the dancers, firemen, watermen, helpers and visitors. In case of disresepctful behavior, the council would have the final say in deciding whether or not to allow the person/dancer to remain in the circle.
It is important that everyone respects the property of others. No abuse of any kind will be tolerated. The Council reserves the right of admission, retention and expulsion.


August 16th to August 20th